At The Office


  Our family business – a precision engineering company, born out of our garden shed is now based at a local farm, in a much bigger shed.  Shed 6 to be precise.

Working out of a metal shed isn’t for the faint hearted, no natural light, the winters are bitterly cold.  The summers….well you don’t know its summer until you peel back the humongous sliding door.

Going for a quick wee involves coats, scarfs, big sturdy boots – brace yourself for the biting cold, sheet rain.  Long gone are the days were I prided myself on wearing ballet flats, a stylish jumpsuit and painted nails to work.  And with no running water to our shed, the stand pipe in the yard is our go-to coffee machine.

But here lies a community.   And beauty that is ever changing.  Bleak, breath-taking, the marriage of nature and metal and brick.

Here I document my days and try to capture the beauty of a workplace that is stripped of all its usual comforts but makes up for it in so many ways.


The beginning of Summer on HP5 – 2018


Farmhouse on HP5 – 2018


Barn Door. 2017 on expired Agfa Vista 200.


The magical light of Shed 6 – expired Fujifilm with the Nikon F100 | September 2017


Give Us Our Daily Greggs – David expired Fujifilm | September 2017


Slush – February 2017 – 35mm film with the Nikon F100


In-between work – David on film. March 2017.


Leaving – taken on 35mm film with the Nikon F100. February 2017.


Shed 6. October 2016. Shot on expired film with a Nikon F100 and 50mm lens.