Teresa Dickson

Journal – December 2018


Every year I choose a word as my mantra – this year it was Consistency.  In reality it should have been Relentless.  Amongst the sleepless nights and anxiety there have been nuggets of goodness to be grateful for.

To summarise December ……..

Darkness, lots of darkness.  The wonder of fairy lights.  Lots of  black coffee, gym and yoga (consistent).   Having a roof over my head and a cosy bed to sleep in (or not sleep as the case may be).  The realisation that at 47, I really do need to put my needs higher up there.  Sewing barefoot (always). Walks with my camera at Bangour, a now derelict village  hospital to document my project – The In-Between.

Laughing so hard I cried over a 6 foot Elf.  Crying so hard learning one of my best friends has Cancer.

Finding absolute gems in the charity shops.

The marvel of libraries, checking out a stack of books for absolutely nothing but pure self indulgence.