Teresa Dickson

Journal – April 2018

April is the month I love,  but dread.  All four of us celebrate birthdays within two weeks of each other, mine being the last.  The days are longer, a whiff of promise of better things to come.  But somehow I am always left knackered and stressed, usually to do with lack of finances and running around like an idiot.

But……I am a firm believer that its the little things in life that make the big things in life.  The little things that made up my world this month go like this…..

Black coffee, lots of it.  Early rising to workout at the gym, lots of it.  I saw my first rainbow of the year and received a letter from one of my oldest and cherished friends whose lovely words and generosity made me cry. Twice.

One visit to my favourite cinema, The Bo’ness Hippodrome to watch Lynn Ramsay’s You Were Never Really Here. And one to Bathgate Cinema, a former church, to the sing along version of Mamma Mia, where I realised I really dislike Abba, but liked singing very out of tune,  out loud with strangers.


 I ate fresh home grown pea shoots, homemade biscotti (lots of), drank too much prosecco (several times). I read two books in two days (admittedly one is super small and super short). I shot two rolls of film,  and both won and failed at my first roll of  double exposures.


I visited Dunkeld in the hope I could grab a coffee at Flora Sheddon’s venture – Arran Bakery, on Atholl Street.  On realisation we had arrived far too late in the afternoon, everything had sold out and they had closed for the day –  I pressed my face sulkily up at the window and sent David off to the chippie for a butty and a can of coke.


And when Mother Nature permitted me, I watched the sunlight dance around my little house making beautiful shadows.