Teresa Dickson

Journal – June 2017

June…..what did you bring me, what did I learn?

I learnt I really really love our evening walks, we drive somewhere, we park, we buy good coffee and we pound the streets.  This month was particularly fab as Edinburgh is starting to fill with tourists (not too much, but just enough) and the early summer evening light has been special allowing us to linger longer.


I celebrated 22 years of marriage with this guy……


I started and failed to finish three books. I turned over a new leaf and dragged my sorry arse out of bed at 6.00 am 20 out of 30 days to workout at the gym.  I visited the other side of the water – North Queensferry – for the first time (only taken me 20 years), and stood under the iconic rail bridge that I love so much.  I saw just one film at my favourite cinema – an A listed building thought to be the oldest cinema in Scotland, where I drank coffee and forgot to eat my popcorn.


I took the East Coast train to Newcastle to meet up with two of my oldest friends, where we ate good Thai food, pretended we were cultured by visiting the Baltic. We drank tea out of hand made pottery mugs at Newcastle’s newest cool café / pottery on Hume Street –  The Kiln.  I bought a pizza oven – a thing that has been on my wish list for five years and unsuccessfully / successfully made five pizzas in the pouring rain with a broken umbrella – only three of which were edible (the pizza not the umbrella).


I voted. I procrastinated. I wasted my vote in the end.


And best of all, my girl let me take a few pics.  A rarity.